Aromatherapy is a holistic and nurturing massage enhanced by the use of therapeutic essential oils. A blend of oils is selected at the beginning of the therapy to suit your individual needs.  Encouraging both mood and physical well-being, these oils are classed as ‘pro-biotic’, (for life) and some, such as Lavender balance and calm and others like Orange and Grapefruit uplift and refresh. Many have subtle anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and the blends can be uplifting, balancing or calming.

This can be an excellent way to combat the stresses of everyday living.

Reflexology is a specialised massage on the feet and occasionally the hands to promote deep relaxation and revitalized energy.  Based on ancient Eastern techniques it works on the principle that the whole body is reflected through our feet. Tender areas on the feet can often indicate congestion within the body and palpation of the area or ‘reflex’ can gradually ease these blockages away, helping to restore a sense of balance and wellbeing.

It can be remarkable in helping to relieve a broad range of conditions both chronic and acute and can be particularly ideal for stress-related disorders. Clients have often voiced surprise at how relaxed they feel at the end of the session.

Results may begin after a single treatment but you are advised to experience a number of sessions to realize its’ full potential.

Emmet Technique is the application of light finger pressure on specific points of the body to promote a relaxation response and help relieve tension and muscular pain. It is thought that these tiny points are sensory receptors that trigger a positive change in the soft tissue via the brain which can result in an improved comfort in the body. Many people have expressed surprise at how instantaneous this can be.  A lightening of mood can also be felt.

It is extremely versatile and can be used on its own or in combination with other bodywork and can be performed over a clothed body, seated, standing or lying down. Treatments generally last up to 30 minutes if doing Emmett alone.

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle non-invasive therapy which involves the lightly placing of hands over a clothed body to detect and assist the release of restrictions within the craniosacral system and can be intensely calming. The craniosacral system extends from the head (cranium) to the base of the spine (sacrum) and contains an assembly of bone, tissue and cerebrospinal fluid, all vital for maintaining a well functioning Nervous system.

Imbalance in this system can lead to dysfunction in the body, and by light, sustained pressure, constrictions can be quietly released, encouraging the body’s inherent aptitude for self repair. It can help treat a broad range of conditions including headaches, chronic back and jaw issues, reduced mobility and emotional stress. There is no need to undress and you are usually asked to lie on your back on a couch.

Hot Stone Fusion Massage is a luxurious and highly therapeutic treatment using hot volcanic stones to massage the body helping to create a unique and magical experience. The combination of advanced bodywork techniques and the warmth of the stones can yield a powerful yet nurturing massage allowing for tension to ‘melt’ away. This is a surprisingly deep massage and has a particularly de-toxing effect. The beautiful smooth basalt stones are exceptional in retaining heat and have been ethically hand picked from all over the world.

Indian Head Massage is an uplifting upper body massage performed in a sitting position over light clothing with or without oil.  It incorporates a combination of strokes over the head, neck, shoulders and arms to aid healthy blood flow and relieve tension. It can be invaluable for disorders linked not only to stress but also poor posture such as headaches, eye strain, neck and shoulder tension, often a result from working at a desk or computer for long periods of time.

Myofascial Release is a term used to describe a method of freeing restrictions in the deep connective tissue called fascia, helping to relieve pain, soften rigid or traumatized tissue and restore mobility in the fascial system. This tough membrane is likened to a 3 dimensional ‘body stocking’ as it surrounds the whole body and everything within it, down to the smallest nerve and muscle fibres. Fascia can be particularly affected by trauma, emotional and physical, causing it to become tight and dehydrated, leading to pain and discomfort.

Techniques include a slow sinking pressure applied until a softening and releasing of the fibres. My hands follow this release, so ‘melting’ deeper into the tissue and allowing for hydration and change. Due to no oil being used this can be done over a towelled or clothed body and can be used as a treatment in itself or incorporated into a massage session.